Shine On Harvest Moon

This is an excellent picture of last night's full moon, the Harvest Moon. The harvest moon is the full moon at or nearest to the autumnal equinox.

Usually, most of the detail is washed out because there aren't any shadows to show depth and texture.

Taken by John Chumack from Ohio, he writes "I could not pass up the chance to nab this Harvest Moon with my telescope from my backyard in Dayton. It was mostly clear, but some high clouds floating around, so I gave it a shot....using a 12 megapixel Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR & my 6" diameter F8 (1219 mm)Cave reflector telescope.  It came out very detailed, so I thought I'd share it with everyone.
This is a 1/400 of a second exposure at ISO 400..."

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Anonymous said...

I am from Adelaide, Australia and I have enjoyed perfect Night Viewing weather the past two nights. Previously to 10/10's cloud cover have made it impossible. I consider myself so lucky to get the 'Harvest Moon' and basically, alongside is Jupiter with its 4 (obvious) moons and alongside and below is URANUS, a huge BLUE DISK that refused to show itself in anything other than a 20 mm 'Set Up' Eye Piece. I am a very happy gazer. On both nights, after around 2 hours viewing, the clouds moved back in to 9/10's.

Lupu Victor said...

Great picture. I made some piatures with dslr nikon d80 and a T ring adaptor and 8"celestron telescope but i couldnt make a picture like yours.maybe i have to play with the exporure settings.