How's the weather?

We had very strange weather here last night. It was perfectly clear, calm and a little on the warm side as I crawled into bed around midnight. (The first weekend of football trumps variable star observing)

About 2AM I heard thunder in the distance getting closer. At 3AM it was raining cats and dogs, well actually coyotes.

At 4AM it was perfectly clear again. I could see Orion rising out the window over my pillow and I could hear a pack of coyotes butchering what I think was a deer in the woods about 40 feet from the house. It was loud and scary. The cats upstairs all ducked under the bed.

At 6AM two of the cats were having one of their fake fights where they just hiss and scream at each other then run away.

Irene noticed me getting up and said, "Can't sleep with the cats making that much noise, eh?"

I said, "Yea, and the damn coyotes last night."
She said, "Coyotes?"

I said, "Yea, right after the thunder and rain."
She said "Thunder? It rained?"

Sometimes I wonder if we live in the same house.

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