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Michael, Doug and I talk about "heat!" What is heat? What is temperature? What is the difference? What does any of this have to do with astronomy?
We take a crack at explaining it all on 365 Days of Astronomy. You tell me; how did we do?
My fear is the end result was something like this:

To prove my hypothesis there is a longer version of this discussion on the Slacker Astronomy site also!

I'll be interested in the comments this time around.

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Lee Anne said...

Well, any advanced text on Thermodynamics will tell you within the first three pages that there is no such thing as "heat content" - heat and work are not "state variables". This is another case where tech. usage and popular usage differ, to the confusion of all. The quantity that is the energy per particle times the number of particles (summed over various kinds of particle motion, excitation etc.) is the "internal energy".

Apart from that tech. point, I thought your snippet was clear enough!