Carnival of Space #133

The 133rd Carnival of Space is hosted this week at Next Big Future. Next Big Future is a blog featuring articles about nanotechnology, nuclear and energy technology, quantum computers, life extension, space technology and AI. Proposing and tracking the best societal, business and technical choices to the next big things that will shape our future. Check out the passenger configuration video for current aircraft and future space flight. I would kill for a nice big seat with the option to lay down on those long trans-oceanic flights.

I guess I was in more of a look at the pretty pictures mood as I read through the Carnival this week. My favorites were:

The exploration of Eddington crater, from the authors own telescope to views retrieved and produced online gives you an idea of all the tools amateur astronomers and citizen scientists have at their disposal these days. Two big thumbs up from the Simostronomer.

Bad Astronmer, Phil Plait, actually did a blog about astronomy last week, covering the mosaic image of galaxies from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey Deep Field #1. I'll give him props for showing me the cool 'zoom in to freak out' tool from CFHT. Hubble has a zoom in tool online now too you can find here.
Check these and the other great pieces out at Carnival of Space 133.

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