The International Year of Astronomy is here!

Happy New Year to all of you. After a short holiday rest, we're back at the blogging and will be spending a lot of this year discussing IYA 2009.

My first subject is the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast. This is an IYA initiative that will be airing a podcast on an astronomy topic every day this year. The first episode is essentially an introduction to the podcast and the people behind the scenes who have worked so hard to bring this to you.

The January 2, 2009 episode is sponsored by the AAVSO. It's a nice overview of how to use that shiny new telescope so many people just got for Christmas.

Tune in and enjoy the podcasts every day. You can support this effort by telling your friends to tune in, and you can check the 365 Days of Astronomy web pages for information on creating your own podcast for inclusion, or supporting the cause financially.

Happy International Year of Astronomy 2009!

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Anna said...

What a great idea.
Happy New Year.
Anna :)