Professor Astronomy Makes the Case for Science

This week, Kurtis Williams, Professor Astronomy, writes an awesome couple of blogs about what is and isn't science.

Part one, What is Science? and part two, Why Intelligent Design Isn't Science make the case without the negativity and snotty, put-down attitude Simostronomy readers know I disapprove of. I'm all for debunking pseudo science and nut-job religious fanatics, but most of the popular debunkers are just too nasty and negative for me to appreciate.

Professor Astronomy does an excellent job of this without taking the "I'm smarter than you, and if you don't think like I do, you're an idiot" attitude that just pisses me off. Even better, to make his point, the professor invents an element called "plumatardium" that is worth the price of admission alone. It struck the Simo-Funnybone just right.

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