I Like Spam

My morning routine gets my brain working as the coffee begins to take effect. I open my email, CVnet, AAVSO, Astro-ph, Facebook and Twitter to see what is happening in my little astro world.

Lately, I've begun to find my spam folder some of the best entertainment of the day! Here is a sampling of today's provocative titles:

Release your fantasies tonight!- If I release them, whose will they be come? I think I'll keep mine, thanks.

If your marriage is on the vegre of break up, take some enhancers- First, why can't spammers spell worth a shit? Second, why does everyone think I need male enhancers or Viagra? I'm starting to take it personally.

January 78% off- Oh good, I've always wanted to own a month. I thought I could only afford Feburary, but now January is 78% off! Yay!

Hi Sweety- Is this supposed to fool me or confuse me? Am I supposed to be so intrigued I'll open it to see who thinks I'm a sweety? (It wasn't anyone I know)

Brand items at dirty cheap price- Yes, I want to buy my next Rolex from someone selling at a dirty cheap price. I'll take 'too'.

Your response needed urgently- Thank God I saw this in time!

Add more spice into your bedroom life- It's amazing what some people will say to sell nutmeg.

Get tips for better enhancing- I'm not sure how to take this. Are they selling advice or some kind of tickler for my enhanced manhood?

Your private xxx life will be so good, you won't help from boasting it- I'm boasting it all the time, now that I be enhanced!

Oh well, time for another low fat muffin, smothered in butter.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Excellent little list. I'm intrigued by the 78% off January. Could it be possible the month will be three-quarters shorter next time around? Living in cold, snowbound regions as we do, I'd gladly accept that.