Change of Season

It's that time of year again. The rain of the last two days has completely washed away the last remnant of snow. The gravel roads are going to be soft and uneven while the frost works its way out. The nights are noticeably shorter and now we just pushed the clocks ahead one hour.

I'm never sorry to see winter go away. But spring is a big tease. I used to think April was the beginning of spring, but now I don't believe it any more. I try not to get excited about flowers, green grass and mild weather again until the end of May. This is the in-between season with no name that keeps us guessing about what to wear each morning. You usually start out with three layers and strip down to one or two, and by the end of the day you start putting clothes back on.

This unnamed season doesn't usually come with many clear nights. It tends to rain a lot. It could even snow again a couple times before summer really arrives. The good news is, winter is on his way out. See ya later old man.

The clock thing works in my favor. Moving things up an hour gives me just enough time this month and next to squeeze in dinner, some social time with Irene, and still manage a good nap before it gets dark on clear nights. It's a little condensed in March and April, as compared to summer, but it is a transition time.

By summer, I have plenty of time after dinner to take a long nap before it actually gets dark at 11PM. The nights are short, but I do tend to get enough sleep and some decent time in at the telescope. That season tends to be a whole different sleep schedule, with me sleeping from 6 to midnight and staying up the rest of the day.

With the snow off the ground the sky will be much darker this week, and it's supposed to be clear a few nights this week. Things will dry out, the humidity will drop and the nights will be mild. Life is good.

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