Mama Joules Hosts the Carnival of Space

One of the really cool things about the Carnival of Space is taking the time to learn about some of the excellent, creative, unique blogs out there in the blogosphere. This week finds Carnival of Space #139 parked on the doorstep of Mama Joules.

Mama Joules is "a family-friendly place for kids of all ages to share fun ideas & interesting ways to learn about science." If you read some of her material you'll find Mama has some fun, interesting ideas alright! Here's an example-

One of my favorite memories is when my mom and I would look at rocks. But I wonder if I would have liked it so much if she had started lecturing me by saying, "Now, this is granite. Granite is an igneous rock ..."

Mom never said that. My mom would say things like, "Look at this cool rock! I think it's a fossilized dinosaur turd." You can imagine how many rocks I brought to my mom! I loved hearing her make up stories about my rocks.

By all means, check out the Carnival and all its fine offerings this week. But take a minute to get to know Mama Joules.

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jublke said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mike! Check out the astronomy label at Mama Joules for my space-themed posts. :)