Simopedia: the mad plan

Now that I've had more time to think about it, the plan for Simopedia is coming together. Basically, I'll do an occasional post on a subject and tag it with the Simopedia tag. In the end, I hope to have enough of these 'definitions' to use as reference link outs from blogs on current events or news for terms and ideas previously covered in the Simopedia blogs.

So they serve a few purposes. 1- They can serve as reference, 2- They are still informative, and hopefully interesting enough to read in their own right, 3- They give me topics to write about on days when I have time to write but there aren't necessarily any fascinating or noteworthy stellar astronomy current events or news stories, 4- I'm learning a lot as I discover more about each of the topics, which in turn should make me better at disseminating stellar astronomy information to you, my readers.

For now, I'm still writing about subjects beginning with the letter A. I have a few more I think would be good to include, and then we'll move on to the exciting world of the letter B.

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Mike Simonsen said...

Thanks for the catch Chris. I really should learn to spell things I invent correctly! Simopedia, Simopedia, Simopedia---gotta work that into my fingers...