Carnival of Space #137

This week's Carnival of Space is live over at One Astronomer's Noise.
The Noisy Astronomer, Nicole, is a 4th year graduate student in astronomy, specializing in radio instrumentation.  She believes that an important part of being a scientist is learning how to communicate science to the public, so she gets involved in outreach when she can.

This week's carnival features posts from Astroblog, Martian Chronicles, Kentucky Space, collectSpace, Astropixie, Next Big Future, Habitation Intention, Steve's Astro Corner, Bad Astronomy, Gish Bar Times, We Are All In the Gutter, Spacewriter's Ramblings, Weirdwarp, Road to Endeavor, ChandraBlog,, Cheap Astronomy and the Angry Astronomer. Check it out, go there now.

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