Astronomy.FM Every Day-and Friday Night!

From modest beginnings, Astronomy.FM has begun to really gain traction in the online astronomy community. If you haven't heard the buzz you can tune in any time to see what is happening. Astronomy.FM Radio has astronomy related programming running 24 hours a day. Note: the Radio Schedule is in Universal Time.

Some well-known favorites are on the air each week- Astronomy Cast, 365 Days of Astronomy, Are We Alone?, Skepticality, The Naked Scientists, and if you haven't heard Space Pirate Radio! you are missing some real fun.

Friday night at 9PM EST (Sat 02:00UT) I will be on the air LIVE with Marty Kunz on the Event Horizon show. We'll be talking about the AAVSO, variable stars, cataclysmic variables, Citizen Sky, epsilon Aurigae, and whatever else we can squeeze into an hour show. If you miss the live show because you're on a hot date or out at the telescope, the taped show will run every four hours Saturday UT.

I'm looking forward to joining Marty, and I hope you tune it to check out the show. But you don't have to wait until Friday. There is something cool going on at Astronomy.FM all day, every day. Check it out!

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