Is NASA spamming me?

I recently started getting emails with satellite images of earth's surface and weather from someone at NASA. I never subscribed for this, and I don't know who this person is. How irritating. She apparently works for the Office of Public Affairs, so I will give her the benefit of doubt... for a minute.

Maybe she thought I'd be interested because I write a space science blog--I'm not. I'm really only interested in weather that affects me and my own observing. I don't have time to examine images of icebergs off the coast of Australia or storm clouds over the Indian Ocean. I have RSS feeds, my Google reader and some small programs that crawl the web for things I am likely to be interested in, BECAUSE I don't have time to read everything.

I'm hoping this is just an honest mistake, and she didn't presume to just start sending me email with large image files attached. My email rejects most of the Viagra and penis enlargement email these days. I really don't want it to have to block message from NASA!

I've called her office and emailed to see if we can clear this up. I'll let you know...

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Pedro said...

I can't speak for the agency, but I'm willing to bet it's just a mistake. I will say though, that getting a NASA person to talk often isn't the problem-it's getting us to pipe down! :-)