Carnival of Space 130

This week's Carnival of Space is hosted by the Chandra Blog. There are a lot of excellent pieces in this one, but the Simostronomy 'Carnival Ride of the Week' goes to Lounge of the Lab Lemming's post Stars Get Lonely Too. He discusses the mental health of stars in our sector of the galaxy, and that is all I'm going top tell you, so you'll have to read it. Trust me, it's a winner.

And if you are half as sick of hearing about water on the Moon as I am, you will love Alice's Astro Info Blog this week. She has created a table of news releases for news releasers. The Moon Has Water is not an original idea for cripes sake! (yawn) This should be mandatory reading for anyone planning on usng that as a headline...ever again! A Simo-'Tip-of-the-Hat' to Alice.

Don't miss Weirdwarp's blog about all the Space Debris in orbit around Earth.The statistics are pretty alarming. The potential solutions are interesting. This is a good read. 

They all are. Check it out!

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