Carnival of Space #120

This week's Carnival of Space #120 is hosted by Music of the Spheres, the blog described as being about space flight, simulators, astronomy, flying, music, science, education: whatever the obsession of the moment might happen to be.

Author, Bruce Irving, has done a very nice job organizing the articles this week into sub-categories-Hubble, Education and Observation, The Future, Art, Multimedia, and catch-all, The Rest.

There are some really good articles in this week's carnival, but my favorite was All About Sunspots, Are They Good or Bad? on Weird Warp.

If you are a Windows user, check out the Universe Sandbox and let me know if it is as cool as it looks. I could download it onto my IBM laptop, but I'm feeling lazy and overwhelmed this morning as I look down my very long To Do list. No time to play with gravitational simulators.

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