The Workshop Continues

Aaron Price began his talk explaining the Citizen Sky website and how visual observers will upload their observations to the database. Once we got to the light curve display the talk turned into more of a town hall meeting. There were many, many, questions and comments about Julian Dates, light curves, the value of teaching the science ad making things simpler or more complicated. One thing is for sure, the audience is into it!

I'm pretty sure we missed out on a lot of material Aaron planned to present, but I think the points and questions raised will go a long way to making this whole project better.

Rebecca is introducing the 'team' concept behind some of the activities of Citizen Sky. The flagship team is the team currently developing VSTAR, the educational and analytical software being developed for Citizen Sky.

My talk with Aaron on Education and Outreach is after the next coffee break. This will be my last blog from Adler today.Tomorrow I am back on the road, driving to New York for the Astronomical League Convention.

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