Simostronomy on Slacker Astronomy pt. 2

It took us a while, but the second part of my discussion with Michael and Doug on Slacker Astronomy is now online.

You can download the podcast here.

In this episode, we talk about where research in cataclysmic variables is going, what astronomers are expecting to find and some of the surprises we've found along the way. I was fortunate to get three astronomers from the Wild Stars in the Old West II conference, Christopher Tout, Paula Szkody and Boris Gaensicke, to give up their coffee break time to let me interview them for this show.

My thanks to Michael and Doug for having me on the show, and to Paula, Christopher and Boris for giving me something interesting to contribute.

Boris Gaensicke / Christopher Tout /Paula Szkody

So check it out:

Podcast: Simo-Slacker Interviews Pt. II

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