Top 100 Astronomy Blogs

A friend sent me an email yesterday with a link to an article on the Top 100 Space and Astronomy Blogs . They said this was how they found my blog. I was shocked.

First, who do I know that isn't on Facebook, Twitter, CVnet or the AAVSO email lists? By now, all those people know where to find Simostronomy.

Second, Simostronomy made the list!

"I'd like to thank my wife and cats for all their support. My variable star friends, like RX Andromeda and KT Perseus for the inspiration. Thank you, Find Schools Online dot com for including me on the list. And lastly to Google Blogger for making it so easy and convenient."

Seriously, there are some really fine blogs on this list, and it is an honor to be included among them. Some of them are my favorite bloggers. I'm happy to say I know many of these authors personally. Many of them participate in the AAVSO Writers Bureau.

So, if it's been a busy week at AAVSO, and I haven't posted much, like this week, here are 99 suggestions for alternative astronomy reading.


Peter said...


You can tell that you've REALLY arrived when they spell the name of your blog correctly. At least the link URL is correct. :-)


Mike Simonsen said...

Yea, story of my life. About half the trophies and awards I've received have the name butchered in one way or another.

Like you say, at least the link is right.

Moriarte said...

Yup...good site Simo and well deserving of the accolade...keep up the good work

Discover said...

see and know here are many things to know about astronomy

Robin Riordan (RROA) said...

Fancy finding you here Mike. I thought you lived on AAVSO. I am surprised you even have time to maintain the blog. LOL I should talk... my 'scope is cooling down for tonight's LPV run. I finally got VPHOT figured out and so have some time. I just set up an astronomy web page that is associated with the Clark Planetarium at Shawnee State University. I was looking for a blog to link to the web site. Looks like Simostronomy gets the honor. This way I can get your ear any time ;).
Take care,