It's the Gigantic Spectacular Carnival #96!

Ian O'Neill of has put together a monster of a Carnival, Carnival of Space #96. This may be an all time record for number of posts in a single Carnival of Space.

He seems to be in good spirits in spite of the extra work he had to do to piece this large ensemble of blogs together for the Carnival this week. I give him credit for his creative approach to this week's collection. Each blog is introduced as a question. The answers you'll find if you dig a little deeper and read each piece.

As I hear it, he plans to feature this carnival and the excellent articles in it on his radio show Astroengine LIVE on Wednesday.

There is no Simostronomy article in the carnival this week. I've been busy with the Martin Ratcliffe Interview piece, blogs on Wild Stars in the Old West, launching a new Cataclysmic Variable Star section for the AAVSO and recording podcasts for Slacker Astronomy and 365 Days of Astronomy. So, no apologies here.

More on the Slacker Astronomy podcast later. For now, check out Carnival of Space #96.

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