Restless Universe

One episode is in the can, eleven to go! Early this week, we recorded our first of twelve podcasts for 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast.

The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast will publish one podcast per day, for all 365 days of the International Year of Astronomy, 2009. The podcast episodes are written, recorded and produced by people from around the world. Our show is called Restless Universe.

Our first episode will air January 7th, 2009. The cast is Travis Searle, Rebecca Turner and me. We'll be talking about variable stars and related topics mostly, since this is an AAVSO initiative. Restless Universe will air on the 7th of each month throughout 2009. If you miss the original airing, you can find us in the archives for the rest of the year. IYA 2009 is going to be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to working with Travis and Rebecca on this project!

You can subscribe to the 365 Day podcast and Blog. If you'd like to contribute your own podcast, check out the website for the 'rules' and start recording. If you just want to contribute to a worthy cause, you can sponsor a podcast for $25.00 a show.

365 Days of Astronomy, that's what IYA 2009 is all about. I'll see you there.

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