Rick Feinberg Steps Down

It's 'official' now. The September issue of Sky and Telescope came in the mail yesterday, and the Editor in Chief has announced he is leaving the magazine "to try some new things and live a less hectic, less deadline driven life".

Even after contributing to 262 monthly issues of S&T, Rick still plans to add his byline or photo credit to the magazine or website occasionally.

Like everyone else I know, he isn't retiring, just changing jobs. He'll be acting as visiting scientist at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. He'll be teaching some astronomy courses and serving as a mentor to students while turning their new science building and observatory into an active learning center. Sounds like a great gig for a 'retired' PhD!

Slacker Astronomy has an excellent podcast interview with Rick done at the June AAS meeting in St. Louis if you'd like to hear more from the man himself.

Good Luck, Rick; and thanks for all you've done to help astronomy enthusiasts over the years.

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