Robots From Mars

Ice, schmice. Everyone's talking about ice on Mars.
Hullo! I've seen the polar ice caps on Mars a hundred times through my telescope. Big deal.
While everyone else blogs, comments and debates "is it water ice or not?" I decided to go Simosurfing.

It's amazing how far down the hole you can crawl when searching/researching on the web. Sometimes I look at the clock on the wall and think "It took me two hours and THIS is where I landed?"

Then again, occasionally you find a gem that makes you smile and it was worth the treasure hunt. Believe it or not, I found this on Tommy Lee's MySpace page (don't ask...)

It's from 'Robots From Mars'-


Dear NASA,

Please stay on your own planet!
We are sorry to say that we watched the Phoenix’s successful landing on Mars.
Why are you here?
We would like to know if this Peeping Tom behavior will ever end?
Do we spy on you? Well…that’s another story.

PS You’ll never locate your first Polar Lander.
It was just yummy.
It is hard to describe the succulent taste of rare Earth metals.
Please send more wreckage!

PPS A kindly reminder from the Robots From Mars…
The First Law of Robotics only applies to synthetic beings of Earthly origin."

I think Robots From Mars is a rock band, but I wasn't willing to invest the time on their pages to find out. Just thought I'd share.

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